Project Neon

Junior Student Project

Team of 15

Roles: Cinematics

UE4 | C++

A first person shooter featuring wall running, power sliding, and an array of enemy types of bosses to defeat. You play as an agent, utilizing a new form of hacking to physically inject yourself into The Grid. Your task is to defeat the rogue AI titan through any means necessary.

After a seperate project was scrapped, I joined this team late in development. Being nearly finished, there wasn't much room to contribute aside from constructing cinematics. I took the opportunity to repurpose a dynamic sequence system I had been working on to drive camera movement and scripted events.

Key Contributions

  • Designed campaign and challenge level cutscenes

  • Developed dynamic sequence system, improving ease of cinematic scripting

Team Credits


Tyler Davis

Creative Director

Jack Makarov


Jacob Wymer

Jiwon Jung

Kay Kim

Matthew LaDouceur

Will Pritz

Tyler Davis


Amanda Daley

DT Pham

Eric Han

Ethan Villasin

Evan Higgins


Jack Makarov

Theodore Banik


Aria Fulan