Isles Of Limbo

Sophomore Student Project

Team of 11 - Using Custom Engine

Roles: Graphics, Engine

OpenGL | C++ | C#

An action packed hack and slash featuring creative enemy designs, scenic ambience, and a wide move set to dispatch foes. Utilizes various visual techniques to achieve a pseudo-3D environment similar to older sprite based games like Diablo 1 and 2.

For this game, our team spent half the year building a custom engine to be used for it's development. Being the only team member with graphics experience, I was tasked with constructing the engine's render pipeline, along with a suite of graphical features. I also ended up contributing to various non-graphical back-end systems.

- Available On Steam -

Key Contributions

  • Developed and optimized OpenGL render pipeline

  • Overhauled particle system with instanced rendering and deterministic behavior, allowing ~10,000 particles per draw

  • Integrated shader effects with a user friendly interface to empower artists with dynamic effects

  • Built profiling toolset for finding bottlenecks and improving engine performance

  • Implemented Spine 2D's C++ runtime library to run skeletal animations and utilize dense sprite packing

  • Applied archetypal deserialization and runtime loading to reduce load times and memory costs

Team Credits


Dylan Pautler


Jaden Abernathy


Dylan Pautler

Austin Stead

Jame Doolittle


Amy Kim

Josh Bechtol

Anoop Herur-Ramam

Blake Johnson

Sierra Keeser


Barak Raz

Casey Rogers