My name is Ryan, a game programmer from Redmond, Washington. I'm currently studying Real-time Interactive Simulation at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, from which I'll be graduating with my second degree very soon (Spring 2022). During my time here, I've had the pleasure of working on several cross-disciplinary teams, composed from a variety of my creative and intelligent peers. I've participated in numerous exciting projects, each helping to develop my skills to where they are now. When I'm not doing projects for school, I often work indepedently to investigate niche concepts I'm curious about. I have a die-hard dedication to the teams I work with, and strive to challenge myself wherever I can.

I'm specialized in graphics, though I do a lot in gameplay too. I've had several opportunities to use graphics as gameplay, so the roles tend to get interwined. Beyond that, my independent work often taps into a broad range of topics, giving me a novice understanding of several areas. I always try to challenge myself with interesting problems that require outside the box thinking. When pitted against these problems, I've learned that perseverence can often lead to unexpected solutions. Below you'll find a compilation of links to help you learn more about what I've done. I love discussing my work, so please reach out with any questions!


BS in Real-time Interactive Simulation

DigiPen Institute of Technology

BS in Computer Science

University of Colorado Boulder


C++ | C# | C | GLSL | HLSL

Engines: UE4 | Unity3D | Custom

Libraries: OpenGL | PhysX | GLFW | Assimp

Tools: Visual Studio | Git | GIMP



Graphics | Gameplay


Physics | Engine | Networking | AI

Featured Projects

UE4 | HLSL | C++

Graphics | Gameplay | Physics

Rebellion Of The Blob!

Katamari-Like Collectathon

Game Contributions:

  • World and Character Visuals

  • Physics Sandbox Interaction Mechanics

  • Dynamic Prop Destruction

  • Performance Management Systems

OpenGL | GLSL | C++

Graphics | Engine

Isles Of Limbo

Pseudo-3D Hack and Slash

Game Contributions:

  • OpenGL Render Pipeline and Interface

  • Custom Engine Entity/Component Systems

  • Skeletal Animation Integration

  • High Powered Particle System

  • Performance Profiling Toolset

OpenGL | GLSL | C++


OpenGL Suite

Module Based Rendering Framework

Implemented Techniques:

  • Monte Carlo Pathtracing

  • Physically Based Rendering

  • Image Based Lighting + Ambient Occlusion

  • Moment Shadow Mapping

  • High Performance Local Lighting

UE4 | HLSL | C++

Graphics | Networking

Advanced Line of Sight

Proof of concept innovation on visibility mechanics

Project Hightlights:

  • High Precision Visibility Calculations

  • Vision Range Which Approaches Realism

  • Dynamic LOS Based Occlusion Fading

  • Need-To-Know Multiplayer Replication