My name is Ryan, a game developer from Redmond, Washington. My expertise is in Tech Art, Gameplay, and anywhere the two overlaps. During my time at DigiPen Institute of Technology, I was the dedicated "graphics programmer" for several teams, typically putting me charge of all things graphics. This could span anything from building graphics pipelines and managing visual budgets, to developing cool effects for gameplay and environments. Despite the title, I also took on many responsibilities in gameplay programming, design, and engine development. You can find videos and more details for each of these under the "Projects" tab above.

After graduating I took a contract as a Technical Artist for 343 Industries, where I built tools and implemented new techniques for their proprietary game engine. I was in direct communication with the art team, with the aim of helping them achieve their visions for upcoming Halo Infinite maps. I also did backend work debugging and optimizing shaders, which improved preexisting elements of the game. 

With the 343 Industries contract finished, I am now looking for an exciting new project to either apply my skills or develop new ones. I have a passion for out of the box thinking and overcoming barriers to ambitious ideas. If you think I would make a good addition to your team, or want to discuss any of my previous work, don't hesitate to reach out!


BS in Real-time Interactive Simulation

DigiPen Institute of Technology

BS in Computer Science

University of Colorado Boulder


Languages: C++ | Python | HLSL | GLSL

Engines: UE5 | Unity | Custom

Libraries: DirectX12 | OpenGL | PhysX | GLFW

Tools: Visual Studio | Maya | Photoshop



Graphics | Gameplay


Physics | Engine | Networking | AI

Featured Projects

UE4 | HLSL | C++

Graphics | Gameplay | Physics

Rebellion Of The Blob!

Katamari-Like Collectathon

Game Contributions:

OpenGL | GLSL | C++

Graphics | Engine

Isles Of Limbo

Pseudo-3D Hack and Slash

Game Contributions: 



Ray-Marched Clouds

SDF Volumetrics

[In Progress]

Project Details:

UE5 | HLSL | C++

Graphics | Gameplay | Design

3D Fog of War

Experimental Project

[In Progress]

Project Details: